Services Provided

Our Core Services

In-home hospice service provides the highest level of care by our staff and allows patients to be where they are most comfortable, in their homes. Full range of hospice benefit is brought directly to the patient and family at their home.

For patients who require treatment options for pain management and other issues that are not available at home, in-patient services are available. We contract with several facilities to allow us to admit patients into a setting where we can quickly get them comfortable.

For caregivers who require a brief respite.  Patients can be placed into a skilled nursing facility for up to 5 days to allow caregivers a brief respite to recharge. We have contracted with several facilities in the area to allow your loved one to be close to home.

Available to those patients and families who have difficult to treat symptoms that require 24/7 care at home to get their symptoms controlled. Our staff come to your home and stay with you 24/7 until we can get the patient comfortable and symptoms controlled.

Available to those patients and families who need assistance and guidance. If treating physician feels therapies may benefit patient, they can be added to hospice care plan.

Performed on every patient by our skilled nursing staff with physician oversight as needed, but with a detailed review occurring every 14 days.  We focus on making sure the best care is being provided all the time, and that the patient is on all the medications he/she is supposed to be on.

We provide emotional support services for the well-being of our patients as well as various chaplain services for patients of all faiths.

  • Skilled Nursing Services as often as needed (Usually 1-2 times a week, more if needed)
  • Home Aide/Certified Nursing Assistant as often as needed (Usually 1-5 times a week as needed)
  • Physical Therapy as needed
  • Occupational Therapy as needed
  • Bereavement Support as needed
  • Volunteer Companionship/Support as needed
  • DME Equipment Provided Free of Cost (Hospital Bed, Wheelchair, Walker, Shower Chair, Over Bed Table, etc.)
  • Supplies Provided Free of Cost (gloves, adult briefs, wipes, masks, etc.)
  • Oxygen Supplies as needed
  • Medications Related to Terminal Illness Provided Free of Cost
  • Help with Medical and Legal Documents as needed
  • Help with Funeral and End of Life Arrangements
  • Caregiver Support
  • Respite Care (Up to 5 Days at a time) provided for Caregiver Burnout
  • Admission to Skilled Nursing Facility or Hospital to Control Symptoms if needed because symptoms cannot be controlled at home
  • Continuous Care (24 hour care) if needed to control symptoms at home
  • Medications reviewed by Physician regularly (Minimum every 2 weeks) to ensure optimal Medication Management
  • Visits by our Nurse Practitioners to your home as needed to address any medical conditions and to provide administrative reveiw

What Do We Do?

Compassionate Care

Professional staff who realize the work we do is MORE than just a job.

Focus On Symptom Management To Alleviate Suffering

Our staff is expertly trained to identify potential issues that may arise. We address these issues before they become problems to better control symptoms and to focus on quality of life which alleviates suffering of your loved ones.

Psychological And Spiritual Support

We recognize the importance of non medical support in terms of mental health and spiritual health. We strongly encourage emotional and spiritual support to our patient and families. We go a step further by offering more support than typical for hospice agencies.

Skilled Nursing Support

We understand that part of the anxiety that caregivers and families have with taking care of their loved ones is feeling like they do not know what to do. To combat this we encourage regular and frequent nursing visits focused on education and teaching as well as addressing patient needs.

Home Aide / Certified Nursing Aide Support

Sometimes you just need help with the basics. We understand. We remain committed to our patients by ensuring regular aide visits to help with the day to day basics. A short discussing with your RN Case Manager and we can increase the frequency of visits as needed to ensure that proper care is provided when its needed.

Volunteer Support

We work extra hard to build a steady steam of volunteers to help with various patient needs. Volunteers remain available for companionship for our patients. We are always developing new programs to help patients and families. Some of our volunteers are family members of previous patients who have chosen to give back.

We Pride Ourselves On Communication

The customer service provided by our organization is designed to be unmatched. You will hear from every member of your care team in a manner you choose to keep you up to date on your loved one’s care.

We Are A Teaching Organization

One of our main drivers is to take time to teach and make sure you understand what is going on and how to best treat this issue. We do this by emphasizing teaching with our staff. Furthermore we reduce the number of visits each staff has scheduled (we remain below national average) to allow for extra time to teach. We focus on education on the disease process as well as how to take care of your loved one. No one else teaches like we do!

Loving, Compassionate Care!

We don’t know of any other way.

Clinical Treatment By Experts

We treat all infections. It doesn’t matter if you are on hospice or not. We treat UTIs (urinary tract infections), pneumonia, skin breakdown, bronchitis, URI (upper respiratory infections), blood infection, wound care and complicated wound care infections. We provide wound care (including supplies and medications as needed) and partner with wound care physicians to ensure our patients are getting the best care possible.

Expert Symptom Management

We control difficult to treat symptoms. This is where our clinical expertise kicks in. We are the hospice that picks up patients when other agencies are afraid or cannot take care of a patient due to medical complexity. We control pain, nausea, edema, delirium (confusion/agitation), vomiting, itching, insomnia, cough, swelling/edema, wound care/skin breakdown, infections, and anything else you can think of.

Frequent Updates

We are all about communication. We know how important a quick update, text, photo, email, call can be. We understand your communication preferences and provide you updates as you have requested.