Lenity Light Hospice of Texas provides compassionate, professional hospice care for terminally ill patients.

When Quality Of Life Is All That Matters

Choosing the right agency makes all the difference in the world. Hospice and palliative care is our specialty, with focus on patients who have difficult to manage symptoms.

Lenity Light Hospice of Texas Has Been Trailblazing A New Way To Provide Hospice Care

Treating Everyone with Dignity and Love

The Gift of Hospice Includes Unconditional Love, Peace, Compassion, Comfort and Support.

For Patients

No one wants to be in a position where they must choose a hospice company for their loved one.  This is not something we normally prepare for. We understand how difficult this path has been for you as many of our staff have experienced their own journey with their loved ones.  We understand the medical, social and spiritual needs you and your loved one require at this time. We have the expertise to help alleviate suffering while focusing on you and your family as we emphasize the highest quality of life possible.

For Physicians

You have spent your career sharing the burden of your patients through thick and thin.  But at this stage, when further curative care is not possible, let us help you and your patients in their final journey.  Our focus remains on providing compassionate care by reducing suffering, enhancing communication, and addressing the medical as well as social/spiritual aspects of care.

Our Hospice and Palliative Board Certified Physicians are true experts in ensuring that your patients receive the best of care to control their symptoms while improving their quality and length of life.

For Discharge Planners

As one of the most difficult jobs in the world, we understand the stressful transitions patients need to make when leaving a hospital, and the importance of a crisp, clean, clear handoff. This communication is essential to continue the level of care you have been providing in the hospital. Our system processes are designed to allow us to quickly and systematically address patients needs and transition patients home or to other facilities. We can usually accomplish all discharge planning within a few hours of notification. Time is of the essence. We understand that, and our staff is trained to move at lightning speeds.

Service Area

We have numerous offices in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. With offices strategically placed we are able to service our patients with compassion and efficiency. We have a heavy presence in Dallas and Tarrant Counties with deep roots in Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, and Plano.

Our response time after a call is usually 30 minutes to 1 hour to get hospice staff members to your home. We have gone to great lengths to ensure we are able to provide this level of consistency and care. If for any reason you live in an area we are not able to maintain this standard, we will be very upfront with you as proper care and quick response is paramount. We will make referral to one of our partners who may be able to provide better care for you. After all, it is all about your loved one and the care they receive.

The Guiding Light In a World of Stagnant Care

We choose to do more. It is built into our DNA. We exist to allow our patients to live their lives to the fullest by thinking outside of the box. This "outside of the box" thinking has allowed us to launch programs that are nonexistent at other hospice agencies.

We are the hospice that patients, families and doctors turn to when no one will help or unable to help due to the sheer complexity of care. We pride ourselves as being experts in hospice and palliative medicine. We remain unmatched in clinical care and symptom management. Our customer service initiatives are also unparalleled in the industry.