Why Choose Lenity Light Hospice of Texas?

As a healthcare professional, Lenity Light Hospice of Texas is the right choice for your patients.  Patients and families have trusted you to refer them to the agency that will provide the most for them and will go above and beyond. The immense trust families and patients have placed in your hands warrants choosing an organization that will not betray that trust. Lenity Light Hospice not only has standards that other agencies are not able to match, but also is built around a core group of providers whose sole purpose is to help those who are suffering. The empathy within our organization is unmatched. This is demonstrated by our go above and beyond customer service and thinking outside of the box attitude to make sure we do all we can to help our patients and families.
We have a full transitional care program for patients who are seriously ill, but do not qualify for hospice.  We have developed core partnerships which allow us to provide care that is not typical for hospice agencies. These patients are provided true palliative care services at the direction of our Palliative Care Physicians and Nurse Practitioners.  Our physicians/NPs offer symptom management, treatment goal discussions, advanced care planning discussions, and pain management. 

We understand patients are more than just patients.  They become family, and as physicians, you carry a lot of responsibility to ensure that they receive the best care possible.  We pride ourselves in delivering care that is unmatched.  Our staff is heavily trained.  Visit structure is defined.  Communication emphasized.  Teaching expected.  Constant quality control to ensure no detail is missed.

We are a teaching organization whose focus is to enable our patients and caregivers to be free from fear and anxiety and give them the resources they need to enjoy life, in the highest quality possible for as long as possible.

Guidelines for Admission

Take advantage of our hospice and palliative care programs.  We will see patients who are not hospice eligible through partnerships and do what we can to provide them the support they need.  If your patients are declining (evidenced by needing more help than usual, frequent hospitalizations, increasing infections, or increasing caregiver needs) it may be time to refer. Give us a call or send us a referral through the website or fax.  Let us review medications, provide you with a second opinion (if requested), focus on palliation to improve quality of life by addressing symptoms, and start those difficult conversations with your patients.

Medicare gives us guidance on when a patient can be admitted to hospice.  But we understand, that not all of our patients fit these guidelines, and some just need the support despite not being eligible.  We have programs that exist outside of the Medicare Hospice Benefit, which may be beneficial to your patients.  Give us a call, or send us a referral using our HIPAA compliant link.