Activities To Do With Your Loved One

As life comes to an end, it’s important to cherish the moments we have with our loved ones while they’re still alive. When someone is in their final stages of life, it can be difficult to find ways to bond or spend quality time together. Here are five meaningful activities that you can do with someone in a hospice or home care setting:

Spend time Talking and Listening

Talking and listening is integral for this time. Sharing life stories, updating news on friends and family, and having conversations about hopes and dreams can strengthen the connection while providing emotional solace.

Create Memories Together

Creating an everlasting legacy by writing down your memories, recording an audio file, or making a photo album can honor a life and its importance.

Record an Audio File or Video

Record messages to future generations. Record messages to children, grandchildren and anyone else who has not had a chance to visit.

Make a Photo Album

Reminisce and create a photo album of past memories. Focus on the memories that trigger strong emotions and happiness and record them together.

Watching movies can be an enjoyable experience. Select something your loved one cherishes or that reflects a sentiment for them.

Write Something or Read Something Together

Cozying up with a book can be a peaceful and calming activity.

If You Can, Enjoy Nature

Appreciating nature with a walk or some quiet reflection outside can be restorative and inspiring.

Watch a Sunset or Sunrise Together

There are few things that can be as peaceful as watching a sunrise or sent together.

Pray Together. Read Scripture Together.

Spending time praying together and helping your loved one read scriptures they may not be able to can be soothing for the soul.