Y’all are amazing!!!

Y’all were wonderful with my grandmother and my family.

Helping us get through a hard time and helping granny get through her last days easy and peaceful ❤️

Amazing!!! - Kristi

Dr. Iqbal is the reason why I'm pursuing a career in healthcare. His compassion for patients and standard of care is unmatched. It's what inspired me to embark on my own journey in medicine. His enthusiasm towards patient care is contagious and his level of skill is beyond impressive. I have and will always recommend him.

Incredible Physician

Lenity Light has become our extended family. They truly care for their patient's and the families. Ashley and Sharonica have always gone over and above the call of duty to make my husband as comfortable, and calm my nerves when issues arise. Theresa has been great to work with as well as Bianca and Kim. I highly recommend them to anyone needing hospice care.

My Extended Family - Jeannie Norris

My dad was in the hospital and went from the hospital to a hospital hospice where we had a really bad experience. After three difficult days with that hospice, I reached out to Lenity Light and they came to our rescue. The team at Lenity Light Hospice showed compassion and urgency in getting dad the best care possible in his last weeks. Not only was my dad cared for by a top-notch care team that included nurse Beverly, but we were also supported by them, after all we were about to lose someone we love so much. I cannot thank them enough. I want to also shout out to Oliver who took my call, after hours to get everything moving so my dad would be well taken care of. My dad was a veteran and a wonderful man! Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Lenity Light Hospice. I speak on behalf of my dad’s twin sister, Mary Ferguson as well.

Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Lenity Light Hospice. - Candance McMeans

I am a Lenity Light Hospice employee and i must say its a different experience from my previous job. I see the love and care that everyone has for the patients and their families. We strive to meet everyones needs and wants for their love ones. We understand that its differcult to go this route.So we try our best to make it a comfortable experience for both the patients and families.

- Sharonica

I am very impressed with Lenity Light Hospice during the most difficult time for our family. We have received sympathy and kindness that we have not had during this time. I can't thank this company enough for the wonderful care and service that is being provided. I highly recommend !

I am very impressed with Lenity Light Hospice - Sammy Hibben

The best of the best!!

The Best - Kristi Mays

He is the only Dr. I have had since even before my diagnosis of ALS that has showed genuine concern and brought me back from wishing for death to come to want life and to make the most of every moment of life. He has changed my life completely. I could not recommend him any higher. A true man of medicine a Doctor in the truest sense of the word.

- Matthew A. Horn

I'm an employee at Lenity Light Hospice and I love the work environment here! Everyone is so loving and caring towards one another and passionate about their job. We focus on our connection with our patients and providing them with the best care and support we can provide.

Everyone is so loving and caring - Yasmeen

This hospice company is AMAZING. I have dealt with so many company's and none compare to this one. Every bit of care has been top notch. Nurse Beverly, Nurse Kim, Nurse Rita and bath aide Symphony are truly a blessing. I highly recommend this company. 💙🙌 Thank you so much.

This hospice company is AMAZING - LaCrisa Dunn

My husband was only under your care for a few days but I appreciated every minute. Thank you.

Thank you. - M.F.

My association was only two months, but the staff quickly determined my need as well as my husband's needs.

Quick and Efficient - S.W.

Lenity Light Hospice is amazing! Everytime I refer someone they take amazing care of them and their family. They are quick to respond, kind, educated, and really have the compassion that is needed to take care of patients the way they deserve to be taken care of. I will continue to tell my patients and families about Lenity Light Hospice.

Lenity Light Hospice is amazing! - Tara Boswell

The compassion and very talented staff were such a blessing for me as they provided such fabulous caring during the last three months of my wife's life. I want to specifically comment on the dedicated, friendly, efficient assistance that was provided by Sharonica. She taught me so much in being able to help my wife properly, without causing her pain or me breaking my back in the process. Her compassionate help was so very much appreciated. She is a wonderful young lady.

Staff Were Such a Blessing - Glen Oberg