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Practical Holiday Tips

Holidays can be enjoyable despite the limitations and stress of caring for loved ones.

These moments can help build strong memories and give you something to look back at and smile upon.

Be Realistic In Setting Your Expectations

  • Create new traditions that you are actually able to perform.
  • Minimize decorations and clutter.
  • Minimize gifts, focus on memories.
  • If gifts are needed, pick gifts that minimize shopping time (gift cards, order off the internet, etc.).
  • Stick to your budget.
  • Schedule events earlier in the day when your loved one has the most energy.
  • Avoid too much food and drink.
  • Stick to your schedule. It will be helpful to your loved one to not change things up for others.
  • Don’t overdo things.
  • Focus on relationships. Avoid disagreements, set aside family differences.
  • Connect via phone and video chats if possible with loved ones. Send email or post cards with pictures.

Take Care Of Yourself And Allow Others To Help You.

  • Take time out for yourself amongst all the chaos that happens around the holidays.
  • Keep a regular schedule.
  • Find time to exercise.
  • Find time to sleep, or sleep as much as possible.
  • Make time for yourself where you have no distractions and you can think about yourself.
  • Holidays can elicit strong emotions and feelings of depression and anxiety. Get help, talk to family and friends. Get professional help if the feelings do not go away.
  • Attend religious and spiritual events.
  • Attend community events if possible.
  • If people offer to help, say YES! Tell them what you need.
  • Say yes to offers for meals, company or gifts.
  • If people ask you what gifts you would like, provide a wish list of your and your loved one’s needs.
  • Ask for regular phone calls, check-ins, shopping help, help around the home.
  • Always feel okay to say no to things that you cannot participate in without feeling guilty. People will understand.

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