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How To Create Lasting Memories

We often wait for special occasions to snap a photo or video to catch that exact moment for a “perfect” shot. However, a lasting memory doesn’t have to be an event or a special occasion. Sometimes the best memories are the ones that are caught off guard. For example, capturing the moment when a funny joke makes someone laugh so hard that they cry. It is moments like these that everyone tends to reminisce about because sometimes the most valuable moments are the simple ones. They are memories to cherish and hold onto. That doesn’t go to say never take your camera out for planned events, excursions, birthday parties, holidays, etc. However, some of the most memorable periods in our life are when we break the script. You don’t have to wait for the 4th of July to pop fireworks, do it now or any day you feel like! Listed below are some ideas to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.   

  • Throw parties to celebrate moments of accomplishments (awards you received, promotions, obstacles you’ve overcome, successes in your business, etc.)  
  • Go on a spontaneous road trip or a staycation, and take pictures and videos when you’re on the road. You will almost always have some random act going on or some random sign that will make you laugh. Enjoy the view while sightseeing and create loving memories!  
  • Try a new restaurant or go to vending truck events. You will almost always remember how good (or bad) the food was. The smells, the feelings, and all the people surrounding you. 
  • Always document a birth, wedding, or graduation. These events are always a huge milestone for our lives and those surrounding us! 
  • Go to a beach or lake and fish! Fishing is a relaxing activity and an excellent opportunity to create fun memories! Conversations can flow easily, and catching big or unique fish can create lasting memories. 
  • Cook your favorite dish together or take a cooking class. One of the easiest ways to make memories is by eating your favorite foods! Food is a universal experience everyone can enjoy, savor the taste, and bask in memories. 
  • Sing karaoke or make music together. Music can help people bond, and jamming to your favorite tune with your loved ones can always create loving and joyous memories. 
  • Learn a new DIY or a language. Picking up new skills or languages can help you and your loved one bond over a skill you two worked hard for! 
  • Walk or work out together. Exercise is a great way to get your heart pumping and keep each other healthy while creating fun memories. 
  • Watch a movie, visit a theme park or a car show. These activities are great opportunities to make some lasting memories! 

Whatever it may be, try documenting it in a journal or scrapbook. That way, you can never forget your memories together and all the fun or exciting times you had!   

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